Learning On The Couch

CouchDB is a radically different database than the current popular SQL databases. Learning CouchDB takes some time but it is not difficult if you are willing to relearn databases. If you want to pick a fight, go flame out on Twitter or some message board.

You want to write a CouchDB application. The goal of Couch4Us is to teach you CouchDB so you can write the next great global web application. Or a small application for your laptop.


  • Why CouchDB
    • SQL design is 30 years old when disk drives cost thousands
    • SQL is for financial data on IBM mainframes
    • Some times you need to start all over
  • Features
    • All JavaScript
    • JSON encoded data
    • RESTful
    • Replication
  • Quick Start for Macs and EC2, No Windows
  • Hello World in Appendix and on the Web

Getting Started with a CouchDB Database

  • JavaScript - using For
  • Key/Value Pairs
  • JSON
  • Document Databases
  • Documents
  • RESTful CRUD

Coding in CouchDB (Again, JavaScript)

  • Design Documents
  • B-tree and stale - almost static
  • Views
  • Map
  • Reduce
  • Validation
  • Lists

Putting the Real World into CouchDB

  • Document Types
  • Complex Views
  • Grouping and Pagination for Views

Deploying Your Application

  • Deployment
  • Friendly URLs
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Replication
  • Reverse Proxies
  • Security
  • Authentication
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